Minggu, November 30, 2008

LuNcH JoGLo Koe - SeNtuL

its been a long time.. not to chill out wid d' whole FaMiLy.. aNd dis SuNdaY My YouNgeSt Bro.. Treat us To JoGLo CaFe @ seNtuL.. ;)we HaViNg LuNch there..

TeMpat Nya FaMiLy ReSto BanGett.. SpeCiaLly Big FaMiLy Like Us.. !! INdoNeSia SKali, ada PlayGround u/ kids Nya Juga Loohh.. So, d' Kids aRe ENjoy It.. DaN Ga TeRLaLu CRoWded.. Food aNd BeVeRaGe Nya Juga quite cheap lahh..

Bis aCaRa LuNch and perut Juga udah FuLL.. Biasa donkss kel NaRsis TeTeup FoTo2. CheCk our slide sHow BeLoW :

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